Legal Studies Clinic (Thai internship program) 21 April – 16 May


CLE Foundation hosted seven interns from Thaksin University and Kasetsart University for the Legal Studies Clinic 2014. Through the Legal Studies Clinic interns learned about CLE (Clinical Legal Education), team building, legal English Class, working with an international organization and management and administrative systems. Interns applied their community teaching training by teaching single mothers at the Wildflower Home Foundation.



The clinic also includes academic field trips to observing trials and legal advocacy in various cases to learn more about the judicial system. Interns had the opportunity to work with the Faculty of Law at Chiang Mai University to learn about the in-house clinic and administration law clinic operations. The interns trained and worked closely with the legal trainer and international interns participating in the International Externship Legal Studies Clinic. We are proud of the great work the interns did during their stay with us. The interns gained valuable skills and experiences which they can apply to their law school clinics.

‘I think BABSEA CLE & CLE Foundation is very important organization because they work to support CLE program in universities. CLE program it makes me learn from real problems, not only is studying problems in class but also help to access justice.’ – Varittinan achavapakdee, First year student from Thaksin University, Faculty of Law

‘The thing that I learn from this internship program is good experience. This program makes me have more responsibility and practices my thinking method. I will keep all of this experience to improve and develop CLE legal clinic in my university.’ – Jirapat Naka, First year student from Thaksin University, Faculty of Law

‘The important thing I learn is CLE program that shows the way to learn laws in action not only learn law in books. This program makes law students to use our knowledge for other people to access to justice and make law students have legal mind.’ – Supajita Sungsang, Third year student, Kasetsart University

‘From the first day until the last day that I stayed here, I really appreciate not only working but also living. If somebody asked me what I got from here, there are many things but the first is all staffs, warm greeting and good advice. The second is the both of Thai and foreign people are my special memory and impression. The last, I think that CLE program is an excellent program for legal students to be an expert, practiced, high-minded lawyers.’ – Songvit Onnru, First year student from Thaksin University, Faculty of Law

‘CLE program affects legal education and can be applied to your future works. There are many experiences from my internship such as how to solve any problem and how to do the law in practice not only in books I will explain, advise questions and invite to join with CLE program to my friends and my juniors in my university.’ – Bannavitit Chamrarnnusit First year student from Thaksin University, Faculty of Law

‘Experience makes man perfect” I have experience from there such as my English skills, organizing& managing an organization with the international standards, responsibility, expertise, hard-work, practicing and the most important is justice and how to promote access to justice and sustainable development to people.’ – Tawan Puanpong, Third year student from Thaksin University, Faculty of Law

10177488_690381351020418_2156581545161331723_nClick here to read interns’ reflection (Thai language)